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visual identity design

pride and confidence

deliberate visuals calculated to bring your strategy to life

see more of our work  here

see more of our work here


designed with intelligence.



if you're going to spend your hard earned money on pretty graphics, they should be smart too.

expert design

stunning visuals you can leverage with all of your smart tools; so you're proud and confident no matter what room you walk into.

no guesswork

branding elements for every conceivable scenario and guides to make sure you know when and where to use them all.

investment: $2700+ | 4 Week Timeline

this package is formulated to take the greatest possible advantage of the smart brand formula. if you are interested in different formulations, we’re more than happy to strategize with you based on your priorities, budget, etc.

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what’s included

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an identifying mark programmed to meet your goals, distinguish you from your competition and draw in your audience.

+ Submark

sometimes your logo needs to fit into an odd corner or a small space. Your submark will cover any situation your primary logo doesn't.

+ Logo and Submark variations

what happens when you need to put your logo on a dark background? As a watermark on a photo? You'll get color variations for your logo and submark that cover every scenario you might think of.

+ Favicon

you know that little icon that shows up in your browser window? Most designers forget to design and format an icon for that purpose. That leaves you with one that's either too big or too small to make out properly. We'll design one for you and make sure it's the right file type.

+ Final Logo Files

you'll get all the variations of your logo and submark in every file type you'll ever need--along with a guide so you know which file type to use in every concievable scenario.

+ Typography System

a complete, coherent system of fonts curated by the smart brand formula that you'll use everywhere.

+ Strategic color palette

programmed by the smart brand formula and enginnered to be magnetic.

+ Stylescape (In context design direction[s])

a part of our design direction refinement process that will confirm we're all on the same page and perfect our results.

+ Two brand presentation revision rounds

two rounds of revisions after the brand presentation just to make sure our engineering is perfect.

+ Brand Guidelines

a guide with rules on how to use your new brand elements. Never wonder where and how to keep everything polished and professional.

We also offer a strategy + visual id bundle. Ask our director for more information during your consultation


how it works


01. data collection
a well thought out questionnaire that'll collect all the data points we need.

02. apply the smart brand formula
we'll analayze all the data collected and filter the results through the smart brand formula. then, we'll present a brief and stylescape to make sure the artistic direction is flawless.

03. brand presentation
we'll present your logo design and refine it based on your feedback until it's just right

04. launch
with your brilliant logo variations, color and typography systems, you'll know exactly how to brand everything you do. no guesswork required.



right for you if…

this particular formulation is perfect for you if
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+ you’re struggling to connect with your audience.

+ you’re finding it difficult to land customers and clients or supporters.

+ you’re concerned you’re losing customers, clients or supporters because you look unprofessional.

+ you’re struggling to establish yourself as the expert in your industry.

+ you feel like your current branding is missing that certain something

+ you’re overwhelmed by all the design choices you need to make, and want a clear, straightforward system to make those choices for you.