What is an ENTREPRENEUR/organization of color?

Or essentially, what counts as an organization or entrepreneur of color? There are a variety of thoughts on the topic, but for NobiWorks' purposes:


Any racial minority, black, brown or otherwise falls under this criteria. 


Because of the NobiWorks' mission, an organization of color is one of two things: (1) an organization or business started/owned by a person or people of color (ownership includes but is not limited to status [i.e. CEO] and percent of ownership [i.e. majority shareholders]), or (2) an organization or business working towards the social and or political good of people of color.  

NobiWorks, however, is always innovating! Equity looks and feels different depending on where you’re standing, so never hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can determine if we’ll be a great fit.


How do payments work?

I accept payments in three installments to be fair to you and the service I provide. The first 50% is delivered up front to reserve your space on my calendar. The next 25% is due before any revisions and the final 25% is due upon completion of the project before materials and/or ownership of the website is handed over to you.


What if I need services not listed on the services page?

Then absolutely feel free to contact me. If it is not a service I can provide, I will direct you to skilled collaborators who can.



Copy is not included but can be for an extra fee. Contact me with some details, and I can provide a quote.


Do I need to have a domain before we start?

No need! I can help you choose an awesome name and recommend some available URLs. Domains usually cost around $15 a year.


What is hosting and why do I need it?

Hosting is the server on which your website lives. My custom website package is usually hosted on Squarespace and tends to cost $20+ a year. If other Content Management Systems are decided upon as part of the scoping the project, hosting will be scoped at that point. It is $150 a month to be hosted with Nobiworks.  With this particular hosting you'll receive a detailed analytics report, tech support and recommendations for your website.


Any other questions?

Feel free to connect with me via the contact page. I'll respond within 3 business days.