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every website tells a story. is yours telling the right one?



Every client has a story.

Jobs that need doing with specific goals, dreams and challenges tied to them.

Compelling potential clients to act on the magnetism that drew them to your business means you must slate yourself to play a very specific role in that story. Most think it’s the hero—and that is a mistake. Your clients are the heroes of their own stories—their stories are not about you. What they want is a wizened, old guide. Someone to show them the path forward, and to give them the tools to succeed. The Merlin to their Arthur. And there are many pretenders to the role.

Your clients are looking for a Merlin. Not an Arthur.

Your online spaces must be strategic in order to be effective. It’s not enough for them to align with your brand and brand identity—though that is a start. They have to align with your client’s stories, become part of those stories and in the final analysis lead them to the end of their quests.



$35oo+ investment | 8 week timeline
Click  here  for more examples of our work

Click here for more examples of our work


+ Five custom responsive web-pages ([home, about, services, contact, ect.] all flawless on desktop and mobile)
+ Data-driven design options
+ Style Tile to confirm style (including one revision round)
+ Page Mapping for user experience
+ Front-end development for a custom aesthetic
+ On site style guide for reference
+ Favicon
+ Two rounds of website revisions
+ Domain Connection*
+ Website maintenance training session
+ A week of technical and artistic support

Premium Add-ons

+ Photoshoot and Art Direction* $360+ (see below)
+ Filming and Art Direction* (quoted custom)
+ Choice of CMS tool* $150+ (See below)
+ Additional Web pages $300+ (e-commerce quoted custom)
+ Newsletter set up and Welcome email template $900+
+ Hosting, Analytics and Tech Support $150/month

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Engineered to succeed



You will need high quality photographs and/or film if your new online home is to be polished and professional. If you do not have professionally taken photographs and/or video, I can arrange for and provide art direction for a shoot.

GIVING BACK: Because the number of professionally shot stock images and videos of people of color is low, I also collaborate with other artists of color to remedy this oversight. If you are interested in contributing the images of your shoot to a growing body of stock images, please let me know.


I will make recommendations on CMS tools* depending on your technical needs, timeline and budget. My goal is not only to find a solution that allows you to edit your site on your own once our work is done but also to find a solution able to grow with your business over the next 3-5 years. If however, you need your website built with CMS outside the scope of my initial recommendation I will accommodate that for an extra fee.



**cost of domain and cms tool not included in pricing

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How it Works
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The process begins with an initial consultation and exploration of your needs. This is followed by an extensive client onboarding process.


Then we enter the next stage of research, working towards crystallizing the design elements, and gathering all necessary data and materials.


At this point, the engineering begins. I synthesize all we have gathered in the first two stages into a beautiful, coherent product. 


The final stage implements revisions and client feedback, delivering the final product. Then I give you the skills to use your new tool through a comprehensive offboarding process.



A majority of my clients are based in the US, and so the prices are listed in USD. However, as I work with clients across the globe, I invite my international clients to utilize this currency converter or another of their choosing for an estimation of what these numbers mean locally.