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I'm a web designer, developer, aesthetics engineer, digital strategist and image consultant and I build dream websites for entrepreneurs of color. I got my start building websites and developing marketing strategy/collateral for small non-profits all over the world. It was a justice driven endeavor then. Now, I'm bringing that same purpose to serving and investing in businesses and organizations of color.

At NobiWorks, we see our projects as exercises in research, analytics and yes, investigation. So when it is said I am the Director and Principal Investigator, what we’re saying is that I do more than art direct our projects. It means I am right there in the trenches investigating along side my team. The process is mine, developed over years working in this space and the deliverables all bear my indelible fingerprints. Ready to work with me and my team? Book a free consultation to get started.

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N. Chloé Nwangwu