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we help you demonstrate your value, expertly, so you can capture the imaginations, trust (and money) of supporters and strangers alike.
we'll help you seize clarity on your values and the value you offer and program those data points into every port of engagement you have with your clients. with the smart brand formula we viturally eliminate the misery of branding and marketing uncertainty, so that you can confidently focus on delivering.

"Representation Matters. SO REPRESENT YOURSELF WELL."
Principal Investigator  and Director of the Nobiworks Lab

Principal Investigator and Director of the Nobiworks Lab

We solve one problem. And we do it really well.


It looks and sounds different depending on what stage of development you’re in, but ultimately it reduces down to this one issue.

If you’re just starting out your problem may look like this:

“Am I credible enough? Do we look professional?”

You may have the sinking suspicion that you’re losing clients because you’re not being taken seriously. That is an issue of representation.

If you’re further along, your problem it may sound like this:

“How do we gain authority status?”

Sometimes your status doesn’t match the level of work you produce and you know that disconnect is costing you. This too is an issue of representation.

We solve one problem. And we do it really well.... Representation.

Frankly, we already know what you have to offer is worth its weight in gold. Do they know that? Happily, that disconnect is a problem we solve at the NobiWorks lab. We program magnetism and distinction into every one of our client’s brands and quite literally have it down to a science. How do we manage that? Our method is based on two theorems:

  1. strategy + visual id design= smart brand

  2. smart brand + digital channel= smart tool

The key lies in our values and value analysis and the smart brand formula’s ability to translate those concrete data points into stunning integrated visuals. We apply data and psychology to deliver finely detailed, results oriented canvases.

Above all else, NobiWorks is a lab with heart. We never lose sight of the fact that we are collaborating with you, or that the raw materials we engineer with are also your dearest dreams and livelihood. We care about our clients, the projects that bring us together and the organizations you have built.

As director, I am personally invested in your success, that is why I do what I do. It is my mission to empower communities of color and the agents of change that would see them thrive. If you believe that representation matters then represent yourself well. Invest in the future of your business or organization and book an appointment to speak with me today. 

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N. Chloé Nwangwu